Of wool and woolly creatures

Móhu is a Chinese word that means fuzzy or woolly. It also means blurry or vague, which is quite fitting considering we didn’t start with a clear direction in mind. We just wanted to make things.

At some point these small amigurumi* creatures emerged, and soon we were overrun. Now they cover the walls and shelves and hide in any little spaces they can find. They stare at us while we work. They stare with little beady eyes. Because their eyes are actually made of beads.

We live in Canada now, in a small city on an island on the Eastern most point of North America. It snows a lot here, but the creatures don’t get cold because they’re made of fancy wool.

We really like wool; the shop is an excuse to hoard it. Because you do need to have all the different kinds and all the different colours. You have to have enough wool to roll around in.

In the shop, you can get one or more of these small woolly creatures to stare at you too. If we don’t get rid of them, we’ll be wading through a sea of amigurumi before long. You can also crochet your own little horde, using our easy amigurumi patterns and kits.

*an amigurumi is a soft toy that’s knitted or crocheted.

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